Girls, this post gives some hints of blond tones and the skin color that best matches each tone. But there is no rule in relation to this, and to know which is the best shade for you it is necessary to look for a hairdresser, because only he will know how to evaluate and indicate a right shade for your hair. It's not just the skin tone that has to be taken into account, but also the original hair tone, eyebrows, eyes and even the personality, so it's no use commenting asking for tone suggestions for me, first because I'm not a hairdresser and second because I don't know them personally to be able to do that. For more references, check out: Best Ash Blonde Hair Dye

Blonde shades

Dark blonde

The dark blonde can be the beginning for those who want to be blonde, since who is brunette will not find the new color so strange.

It is a tone that suits all skin types, from black to white ones can use it.

To get to the dark blonde is easy, just use a 6.0 dye and easily the tone will be achieved. In black and dark brown hair it is necessary to have a pickling before.

Golden blond

Don't confuse golden blond with yellow blond, huh? The yellow blond is that almost egg yolk color, too ugly and that spoils any look! The golden blond has a tone as if it were a natural sunburn, which is very beautiful, like the examples in the images above.

This tone suits almost all women, and looks great on tanned women and light brunettes. Yellow-skinned women, on the other hand, should avoid this tone, which erases the look.

To reach the tone:

Dark hair: it is necessary to make lights, and depending on the hairdresser you can even do it with bleach. But even so, it is always good to finish with a toner so that the thread does not turn yellow over time.

Light hair: you can reach the tone only with dye.


Golden Blonde Immediate Coloring - 7.3

Golden Blonde Koleston Coloring - 9.3

Color Touch Blond Ultra Light Natural Golden - 9.03

Richesse Golden Shake Milk Shampoo - 9.03

Honey blonde

The honey blonde is a slightly hotter golden blonde, which looks beautiful on tan women. This tone is also beautiful in black and dark brunettes.

Gray Blonde

The gray blonde has to be used with care, because not everyone is good with this color

Women with very light skin or yellow skin are usually the ones that combine best with gray. Light brunettes must escape from this aging tone.

To reach the tone:

Dark hair: it is also necessary to make light, in large quantities and with a high degree of lightening. Black and dark brown hair are not recommended to use this tone, since to achieve it is necessary to discolor too much and ends up damaging the hair. It is necessary to tone.

Light hair: It is necessary to make light, but depending on the tone of the hair you can use the super lightening dyes, which can lighten up to 5 shades and does not damage as much as the bleach. If bleach is used, it is necessary to tone.